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At Helios Solar Company we provide renewable energy solutions to industries within the Tema Freezones Enclave and Dawa Industrial Zones.


We are transforming access to renewable energy with simple, powerful and reliable solar systems for heavy industrial use.


Helios Solar Company Limited (HSCL) is a subsidiary of LMI Utilities, which belongs to its mother conglomerate LMI Holdings with a vast diversification of businesses in the Utilities, Construction, Land Sales, Warehousing and Logistics in the Sub Region. HSCL was incorporated into business in April 2015 under the Companies Act 1963, Act 179. Helios Solar Company Limited (HSCL) exists to develop, own, and maintain utility scale solar PV generation facilities. HSCL’s objective is to improve energy security for industrial clients by increasing access to a clean, reliable, and cost-efficient source of power – solar power. HSCL’s competitive advantage as an entrant in the solar PV generation market is its ease of access to a sister company and well-established power off-taker, Enclave Power Company.


Mega Warehouse Rooftop PV

First project in the pipeline is the Mega Warehouse Rooftop PV project in the Tema Free Zone Enclave. A 16.8MWp installed capacity with an estimated 25 GWh/year plant output.

Dawa Ground Mount PV Project

Second project in the pipeline is the Dawa Ground mount PV project in the Dawa Industrial Zone. Approximately an anticipated installed capacity of 800MWp on a secured 2,300 acres of land. The initial phase will see the construction of a 100MWp as installed capacity.

Power generated from these plants will be deployed to Enclave Power Company’s substations in Dawa and Tema and then distributed to various industrial tenants accordingly.

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